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It has been brought to our attention by an overwhelming amount of parents, who have been victims of Parental Child Abduction that, there are currently a few 'con artists' praying on parents. Colin Chapman who runs Child Recovery Australia, Donya Al-Nahi who has a facebook page 'Donya Al Nahi Child Recovery Services'  and the notorious 'Pat'Patrick John Desmond who runs 'Child Recovery Solutions' now as of March 2016 called KRI'Kidnapped Recovery International'   &  CRE 'Child Recovery Europe' , ​ now as of March 2017 called Lincolnshire PI Services. All 3 frauds run numerous Facebook pages including 'Abducted Child Alert-Europe'  to lure parents into their scams. They are deceiving victim parents into trusting them that they can recover their child/children and then take advantage of that trust in order to gain their own selfish financial gain, leaving parents heartbroken. If you have any doubts please contact CARI as these individuals have been reported numerous times to Australian, British, Egyptian and French authorities. The evidence is overwhelming. If you are a victim of these conman artists or any others, please contact your local police immediately.

- Contact your local police immediately

- Instruct a qualified and experience lawyer in Parental Child Abduction

- Depending on which country your child has been been taken to you may need to appoint a lawyer overseas

- Contact your Central Authority within your country who will handle your case and who may be able to submit a Hague application on your behalf

- Contact CARI for advise on any issues with your case. We can offer you contact details for family lawyers experience in Parental Child Abduction


Immediate Action

What to do if your child has been abducted-



Our experienced and specialized operatives do what most others will not. We do the ground work in any country around the world. We work with private and government agencies around the world using laws, regulations, and techniques in our field to accomplish what ever we need to enable CARI to recover your child/children safely and quickly.

CARI also assists in the recovery of children who are victims of 'Child Sex Trafficking'

Our number one goal is the safety of your child/children. Our planning is second to none. We assess, re-assess and assess again all our options. We will not endanger anyone on our assignments. Planning, locating, rescuing, and bringing home your child is what we do best. We are here to help you and your child/children reunite again!

How we work

Child stealing is child abuse...."Parental Abduction"  is the unlawful taking by one parent, depriving the other parent or guardian of their lawful custody of the child. Children are used as both objects and weapons in the struggle between the parents which leads to the brutalization of the children psychologically.





We reunite you with what is most important to you, your child/children.  


We listen and gather all information for a successful recovery. 


Execute assignment

Plans are put into action with your childs saftey being our main priority.


Our operatives will spend endless hours planning a safe recovery.  



Specialists in Child Recovery Worldwide

Project Rescue Children - PRC a Non Profit Organization was created by CARI in 2015 to rescue innocent children from child prostitution and slavery. All donations to PRC go directly to rescuing children.

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