Some of the most common questions we receive on a daily basis. If you have any questions or are looking for advice please don't hesitate to contact us.

Specialists in Child Recovery Worldwide

1. Why should I choose CARI?  Because we are the worlds leading Child Recovery Specialists. We do not offer any other service only, Child Recovery. We are not like other organisations, who are security companies using bodyguards and offering Child Recovery as 'another service'. We recover abducted children and that's it, that's all we do. We use brains, where others like to use muscle which, in turn puts children in danger. We have a very good working relationship with many Foreign Offices and Embassies around the world due to the way we work. We have been acknowledged by the British Government for the safe return of two seperate abductions.

2. Will my child/children be put in danger?  At no stage in any of our recoveries have we or will we put any child or our own personal in danger. Our long hours of planning and research has allowed our operatives in many recoveries to get in and out of a country before the abductor knows something has happened. Due to kidnappers never just handing over the child even with full Hague Convention return orders by both countries, our planning is carried out focussing on when the child is alone or in a position where our clients can safely pick up their own child. Our operatives do not pick up any children, which is why we always have our client with us. Your child/children's safety is our number one priority.

3. Why don't you display any success stories/testimonials?  We operate with a strict 100% confidentiality policy between our clients, operatives and CARI. We also value your personal integrity and right to privacy over marketing or customer acquisition. Unlike others we do not display somewhat, questionable testimonials in an attempt to make ourselves look good. Sure, we could display testimonials and stories about all the recoveries we have carried out. Our clients know how serious we take their privacy. We will not divulge any information about our clients or their cases on our website, blog or any of our social media sites, unless approved by the client. in fact, we are the only organisation who does and has displayed real recoveries after clients approval. We are known worldwide like no other, and we do not need to prove ourselves to anyone. Our results are second to none and that's all we need do, keep returning abducted children. We also now have a total ban on main stream media, unless again at the request of our client. 

4. Where do you work and how do you do your job?  We are a global organisation. There is no country we will not recover your child/children from. It matters not, if the country has or has not signed up to the Hague Convention. How we do what we do, well that's something only our clients and our operatives know. It is against company policy to reveal how we do what we do best, recover your child/children.

5.  Is your job finished when you return my child/children?  No, we help you with after care including, connecting you to non profit organisations who we work with, who assist parents who have also had their child/children abducted. We provide assistance in getting you and your children the correct care you need. We also help you with abduction prevention measures.

6. What are your chances of recovering my child/children?  There is no guarentee in this line of work, but to date, we have a 97% success rate, which is due to our experience and highly skilled operatives who are some of the best in the world at what they do. We are so confident that, your fees will only be paid once. If for some reason we do not recover your child the first time we will recover them on the second attempt, FREE of charge. There is no organisation in the world who will offer you this. 

7.  What will you charge me?  We assess each and every recovery on it's own. No two recoveries are ever the same. The location of your child/children and the number of operatives needed are two of the considerations we take into account when providing a proposal to you. Numerous frauds in this industry will charge you peanuts knowing you will pay. You pay for what you get in life and that includes the child recovery industry. Don't be fooled by low fees. 

8.What do I do if the country which my child has been taken to is not part of the Hague Convention?  There may be no system in place to help you at which stage you have a couple of options. These include trying to come to an agreement with the abductor or start legal proceedings in the courts overseas. Please contact CARI for assistance in this situation as your Foreign Consular Office (FCO) can not interfere with foreign court proceedings and they will not guarantee your children will be returned to you. 

9. I think my ex partner will take my children overseas?  Contact your local police. If the police are satisfied that there is a real and imminent (that is, you think your child is likely to be taken overseas within 48 hours)  possibility of abduction they can contact the National Ports Authority who can issue a  'Port Alert' which, can help prevent your child being taken overseas.

10. My children have dual citizenship what can the Foreign Consular Office do to help?  If your children have been taken to the country of their second nationality, the authorities there may view your child as a national of that country. This will limit what the FCO can do to help.