All CARI operatives have undergone strict security and background checks in the US, Australia and UK. Working with clients and their children CARI's main priority is the safety of all children. All have passed, Enhanced DBS/CRB Checks in UK, Working with Children Check in Australia, and Federal/State background checks in the US.

CARI's founder has over 23 years experience working high profile missing person cases worldwide. He was the lead investigator of an abducted and murdered British girl in Japan which, to date is the biggest ever abduction case in Japanese history. A suspect was identified and subsequently sentence to life in prison for 8 rapes and murders of foreign women. A book has recently been written based on some of our founders investigations.

Our operatives have recovered children in Indonesia, Thailand, Egypt, Libya, Lebanon, Philippines, Japan, Russia, Pakistan, India, Turkey, Tunisia, Syria, Laos, Russia, Belarus, Iran, Iraq, Spain, including European countries, U.A.E, Ukraine, South American and African countries. We know how to get these jobs done!



  • We can deploy very quickly to most countries
  • We act professional at all times
  • We operate 24/7 worldwide
  • We will not endanger your child/children
  • We have a global network of experienced contacts 
  • All our operatives are thoroughly screened before employment
  • We have a 95% success rate in bringing abducted children home safely
  • We are the most highly specialized organization in the world conducting Child Recoveries
  • We are here to help you
  • We understand what your going through 
  • We dedicate 100% to helping recover your children safely
  • We are professionals NOT amateurs. There are one or two people out there that take advantage of victim parents and will promise to recover their child only to never hear from them again after they have paid. BE WARNED!
  • We have carried out recoveries in some of the most hostile countries in the world
  • We enforce Hague Convention rulings after abductors ignore orders and go on the run.



Specialists in Child Recovery Worldwide

Has your child been taken or kept overseas by their other parent or by a relative without your permission? Here at Child Abduction Recovery International, we are dedicated to bringing your child/children home safely in a non-violent manner. We only assist those parents who have full custody of their children.

We've been operating privately 'under the radar' (out of the media eye) for over 19 years, until now! Most of our operatives have served operational world wide with elite military special forces and served in specialized police units around the world. 

We have the experience and resources to bring your children home safely. We always recommend out clients to stay out of the media until your child is home. 

We are NOT a security company, we are NOT bodyguards, we are 'Child Abduction Recovery Specialists' and that's it! That's all we do!

  • We operate under very strict company policies
  • We think like the abductors and operate accordingly
  • We assess all cases on an individual bases
  • We will assign you directly with one experienced agent throughout the whole assignment
  • We operate with a strict 100% secrecy policy
  • We specialize only in Child Abduction Recovery
  • We do what lawyers and law enforcement will not do
  • For our clients security we 'never' divulge any of our clients details including pictures and or previous assignments, unless requested by client.
  • We do the jobs others will not
  • We assist in after care and provide on going advice once we recover children, with our contacts in non profit organizations around the world
  • Unlike others we do NOT outsource our work to third parties. We conduct everything ourselves using our known contacts around the world. CARI operatives do all the footwork on the ground!
  • CARI due to a large amount of requests for help, also assists in the recovery of children who are victims of 'Child Sex Trafficking' with both federal and local government organizations and NGO's around the world.