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We can put you in contact with experience lawyers who have worked with Child Abduction. It is very important to choice a lawyer with experience as it will save you money and time.


The Hague is merely a tool to assist and if won does not mean your child will automatically be returned. Abductors usually then go into hiding with the children. This is where CARI can help actually make sure your child is returned.


Wanted by the FBI

FBI report released June 2013

Parental Child Abduction has increased by 41% in 2010 through 2012. "Non-custodial parents are increasingly abducting and threatening to harm their own kids to retaliate against parents who were granted legal custody of the children."


UK Statistics

Based on calls received

In 2010, for those children abducted from the UK to a none Hague Convention country the most frequent destinations was Pakistan, India, Egypt and Thailand.

In 2010, for those children abducted from the UK to a Hague Convention country the most frequent destinations was Spain, with Poland seeing the second highest numbers and USA and France jointly third highest. 



A Worldwide problem

The UK foreign office reveal that the number of parental child abduction cases dealt with by the foreign office has increased by 88% in under a decade. In 2003/04 the foreign office worked on cases in 51 countries; now cases relate to 84 different countries, showing just how wide spread the problem has become. Over 500 reported cases of abduction in the UK alone and these are the ones which are reported. We know for a fact, many left behind parents have no interest in reporting it to the authorities knowing they do absolutely nothing for them.

The truth is there are no exact figures as governments keep no record of how many of these innocent children are being abducted.

The Scale of Parental Abduction

Shocking Statistics

 US: Each year, over 203,000 children (78% of all missing children) are abducted by a family member, usually a parent.

 Canada: A child goes missing every 9 minutes 237 parental abduction cases in 2009.

 UK: Around 230,000 children reported missing every year 264 parental abduction cases in 2010/11.

Australia: Has one of the highest per capita rate of Parental Child Abductions in the world.

Japan: Has finally signed the Hague Convention after being the abductors 'black hole escape haven', but how is it going to implement such a complex new law.

Experts View

Head of foreign office child abduction section said:

 "The increase in parental child abduction cases is a major cause for concern, particularly in the lead up to school holidays; we know that before or during school holidays is the most common times for children to be abducted."

CARI can help when lawyers have done all they can through the legal system. Most of our clients contact us after they have won the Hague case, but then find themselves in a position that the local authorities are not helping enforce the ruling. CARI will make sure the court ruling is adhered to and will do the ground work after the Hague ruling to return your child.


Why do we do what we do? "If we were in your situation we would like to know, there would be someone out there who was willing to help without all the red-tap, large legal fees and lengthy delays."

Parental Child Abduction happens on a daily basis!

CARI - has been working under the radar away from the media spotlight for over 12 years, but now due to the high demand for our services, we have taken our services to another level. We have extensive experience of handling many different, complex and difficult assignments in locations worldwide. CARI recruit only the best individuals from specialist units in both the military and law enforcement making our teams second to none and CARI the worlds leading Recovery Specialists.

Public awareness of Parental Child Abduction is alarmingly low. The abduction of children occurs much more often then people would suspect. The uncertainty and powerlessness can drive parents of abducted children to the edge of insanity. We understand your pain and this is why we are here to help you resolve this painful experience in a quick and safe manner. We don't go in guns blazing kicking down doors, we are smarter then that. This experience can also be extremely scary and life changing in some situations for the children. Your child's physical and emotional well being is always our main priority.


After initial consultation the first thing is to locate your child. This is carried out with the help of yourself providing CARI with everything you know of the abductor(s). Most often the left behind parent has a good idea of what country they have gone to. From there our operatives track down the exact location. After locating your child we start our planning stage which can take days to weeks in some cases. Time is of the essence in these situations but, we will not jeopardize safety before quickness. Once we are 100% happy with our plans we will execute the recovery stage. 

We'll be more then happy to provide you with more details about our services. Contact the worlds leading recovery specialists today for a free assessment.